Hoggy 2 Is Official Released on Android

Hi everyone,

Hoggy 2 went live for Android a few minutes ago.  If you're an Androider, grab it!

So I will be watching that for bugs, and now beginning the port of the back catalog to iOS11 + Android... I'll keep you posted!


  • W O W :-bd
  • On my stone-age testing device it runs the title screen, but crashes after choosing a game type or entering mall or settings (settings briefly show).

    Android 4.3.1; acclaim (Nook)
    Sent a report (from my test account)

    Gave five stars anyway
  • 1st 5★ rating is from me ^~^
    Haven't played much yet but runs perfectly on a ZTE Axon 7.
  • Yay Hoggy 2 now on my phone, loving so far but have encountered a few problems. some times while moving in a certain direction i will take my finger of the button but hoggy will keep on moving in that direction. also the tilt controls aren't like hoggy 1, he is slow to start moving and when i tilt to move the other way hoggy does not respond straight away maybe 1 second before turning. and when i click achievements on settings nothing happens. 
  • Hi Wd ! 1- if you have choose arrow button in settings, you HAVE to up you finger before changing direction. Slider is better for slide finger on screen.

    Fort tilt commands, you can edit sensitivity of gyroscope into settings ! :D

    For achievement button.. are you connected to Game center on your device ?
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