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I know you work very hard on your games and these things take time. But I have been playing Solomon for a very very long time. And I know you don't give dates. But is it gonna be this year, next year, or 5 years for the new game to come out? Like I said I know you don't like to give dates but I think asking about this year is reasonable. Also is there anything I could do to help you? God bless man.


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    I hope to God it's not 5 years.

    It is unlikely to be this year, because now I absolutely must devote time to making sure the whole back catalog doesn't die off... and that's going to be a month that I'm not working on Solomon (I thought iOS was upgrading in October, turns out it's going to be August!) 

    There's also a 50/50 chance that once I finish porting those, I'm going to try to quickly get Hamsterball onto mobile, since I have a lot of call for it, and it should be a fairly quick thing to do once I port the other games... and it's very good to release games to get momentum-- nothing has slowed me down more than this period since 2011 that I went without releasing anything but Cubic Castles.

    That's dangerously close to giving a date though!  I'll say no more or there will be a quantum collapse.
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