New Solomon game and updates

Is the new Solomon game going to be available on iOS? And is there any chance of updating solomons boneyard to fit more correctly on newer devices?? Thanks


  • Hi ! Solomon's games and all old catalog will be updated for 64 bits (and of course 4", 4,7" and 5,5")

    However, right after putting Hoggy 2 on Android and after updated old games for IOS 11, next solomon's game ;)
  • Is the next Solomon game going to be available on iOS?
  • For start, it's Hoggy 2 on android. After that, 64 bits update for solomon's keep and boneyard, Robot wants kitty. (And port to android)

    Finaly, new Solomon's keep HD for ios and android.
  • Somewhere in there I might also finally port Hamsterball to mobile... since I'm going to be all porting-happy, it might get swept up in the porting energy.
  • It's really a good news !
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