Questions about Hoggy.

1st, when I finished my own level in the "Maker mall" (I think) I saved and quit the game. Later when I opened it again to publish it, the level appeared gray and when I tried to edit it, there was nothing on the screen. If I tried pressing "Play" it would crash the game and when I tried to press the level options, it also crashed the game. What happened and why?

2nd, there's a ? gate shortly after you defeat the first boss. Now, I don't know how to open it (I would like to know). but someone on the store page the game sent a review saying at the end "....Hint: There's a gate with a ?-icon in the underground area early on that, if trying to enter asks whether or not it should open the Hoggy1 levels in your browser. Decline. Otherwise, hundreds of tabs may flood your browser (don't know why they did it that way instead of a single downloadable file with level selection) ...". Again, what happens, why and how do I open the gate?

That's all. I love the game and I would love to see these 2 questions get answered. 

(Review made by "Hollow" in steam).


  • Ok, gor your first question, "?" jar is for indicate to you that level can be ended with Hoggy acorn. (eat the last fruit of this jar with Hoggy Acorn)

    2-For open the door, Go to twitter and publish an post containt "#hoggy"

    After that, copy the link of your post, and paste on Hoggy 2 and Hoggy 2 will send you an code. Tapethis code and well done !
  • For your makermall issue, just try to create a new level.
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