Rwk on a 4s

I really love RwK, and in prep for iOS 11 rendering it unplayable I got an old iPhone 4s running iOS 7, cleared it out, downloaded RwK, and plan to not update the iOS ever. It actually runs waaaay better on a 4s with iOS 7. Just thought I'd share!


  • I still have iOS 6 on my 4s, only dedicated to playing RwK though, my main one running the latest iOS actually handles RwK okay. Glad to hear you're still playking!
  • IOS 6 miss me :( My favorite IOS version is IOS 5

    Miss me so much ! ;'(
  • I do plan to update RwK for the new OS!  Make SURE!!!!!!!!! you don't update RwK on those older devices-- Apple seems to have something like planned obsolescence going on where the new compile WILL have stuff in it (that I can't control) that will make it run bad on a 4s.

    The only changes I plan to make are a few bug fixes (for instance, I'd like to change the one-way walls so you can't jump through them-- even though I know that will break a lot of levels... still it's a bad bug that I would have fixed years ago if my code hadn't gotten invalidated).
  • I know it would be more work, but instead of fixing the one-way walls (which the ability to jump through adds some really interesting play), maybe a new one way wall that acts as intended so we could use impenetrable version along with the semi-permeable version.  It could look exactly the same but just a different color.  Or the same color making it an obstacle figuring out which one is passable.  
    I'm always a fan of adding options rather than taking some away.
  • Well.... I don't like that because a wall that you can push-jump through through in a glitchy way is, frankly, an idiotic design.  The ONLY reason I didn't change it years ago is because shortly after that update, I got an XCode update that broke all-- every bit-- of my old code.  I couldn't even get my games out of portrait mode after that update-- and I still have no idea what could possibly have changed.

    However, you can make the argument that it would invalidate too many levels.  I will make my decision based on how passionate, hysterical, and angry this thread becomes!
  • Oh geez I hope you give us ample notice beforehand so we can play those lovely levels one last time :)

    Regarding the penetrable wall, if that's the case, then another solution would be to merely rename the object. We can call it a "semi-permeable barrier" instead of a "wall"?
  • I will... both Solomons will be updated before RwK... I hope the level creators will modify them, though!
  • I'm pro not changing those walls. The worst bug in my opinion is glitchy teleport system where if you leave the game and resume all the teleporters work and if you have say 3 crystals and you go to an empty slot to put the crystal in it allows you to drop one crystal and then diminishes the crystal count that you have to 0 and it's weird. Gets annoying with some of say fombs levels that require a lot of crystal gathering bc you then have to manually keep tally of the crystals if you want to play it as intended.
  • Oh and in regards to the 4s I had it laying around and set it up solely to play RwK because I didn't realize you would be updating it for iOS 11, which is great news. I just really love that game and don't want to not be able to play it.
  • I concur with the crystal dohicky. Another annoying one is where doors fail to open when you move off screen too fast/die just as you open a door by either shooting a switch or activating the computer.
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    Yeah, I agree about the crystal problem.  Also the haxxor problem where the console might not activate the door if the door moves off screen.  Those are both quite problematic, the haxxor especially since it can totally destroy a level.

    Another secondary problem would be the visual display of items when getting the remove-gun, remove-rocket, etc. apps.  Does this happen to anyone else?  The visual list of items gets crazy displaying explosive blocks and other things.  Not a huge deal, but definitely a glitch.

    As for the one-way walls, I totally agree with Fnanfne.  It would only be "idiotic" if they're labeled as something they aren't, so a name change "semi-permeable barrier" would fix that completely.  This glitch is great because it adds several options to game making.  A big one is just slowing the robot down when needed, giving the game time to do things (corrosive blocks, or positioning a monster).  Another is the semi-permeable nature itself.  Placing a lava block above them makes them impassable until the helmet app is found, for example.  Also, it creates more flexibility to create places in the game that monsters are confined to, but the robot can pass.  It like so many other of the glitches in the game, are really wonderful surprises that only add to the gameplay.  Changing it would cut functionality and really add nothing since it's pretty easy to make these barriers impassable if wanted (lava block on top, or lava block on bottom passable one-way with the rocket).

    Another thing worth considering too, there is a glitch that many levels make use of where pressing up against the one-way wall and using the rocket allows the robot to slide down the length of the barrier and kinda stick to it.  This is a really cool and useful glitch.  Would "fixing" the one-way barrier also destroy this function?

    I would just recommend that any time spent on RWK be put towards either fixing the very few ubiquitously unwanted glitches (crystal count, haxxor, item display, etc.) or put towards added functionality (new items, new monsters, etc.)
    Or maybe something like level maker improvements (a paint-bucket function to paint all contiguous blocks, more colors, pc to phone editor, increasing the size levels can be before they crash, etc.)

    Just my two cents.  It's a fantastic game.  We all obviously love it very much and feel quite strongly about it.
  • "Changing it would cut functionality and really add nothing since it's pretty easy to make these barriers impassable if wanted (lava block on top, or lava block on bottom passable one-way with the rocket)."

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