A few updates

Okay, here's some info on what's going on!

1. Hoggy 2 is almost done (I'm just adjusting it down for small-screen sizes).  Android port is done, and both iOS and Android will launch soon.

2. Yet another Solomon's android porter has flaked.  After Hoggy 2 is finished, I will be immediately updating Solomon's Keep + Boneyard + RwK for 64-bit iOS and finishing the Android port myself.  This just means converting that code to my newer framework, and I don't expect it to take too long.

3. After that's done, I'm all in on Solomon's Keep HD

4. After THAT's done, I'm going to post a poll here asking people if they want Hamsterball 2 next, or Hap Hazard 2 (i.e. RWK 2)

I'm in the process of leaving the Cubic Castles team, so you'll see more motion on Raptisoft projects now that I'm not working full time there.


  • Yessssss ! Good news ! With new update of RWK for 64 bits, do you plan to add 10-15 new levels ? (I will pay for that)
  • And yes for SK and SB !!! :D PARTY :)
  • Woohoo! That's great news! I'm looking forward to seeing more Raptisoft content. Good luck!
  • I have also been waiting for sk for android for years. Check the forums almost every day!
  • Any news / progression?
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