Hamsterball 2 computer sketch

imageJust making some awful sketches...

I think it may come out in 2019, but that's just a roomer,

I don't know when it 'will' come out but I hope it's soon.

I've been a big fan of Hamsterball since 2008! and I'm still really excited about the new game that everyone has been talking about all over the forum, from what I've heard it's going to have: new levels, access on iOS, and Online Multiplayer. What sounds like a lot of fun!

Just have a question, 
Where will it be released, on steam? or are you just thinking about selling on your website,



  • Hi ! John never give any date. So it’s impossible to anwser you about this question. However, Hamsterball 2 may be launch on steam, like Hoggy 2 and solomon’s keep hd.. The Raptisoft’s games is never just sell on this website.

    I hope my anwser help you !

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