makermall mobile question

quick question, when the mobile version is released will it be possible to play the makermall levels on mobile?


  • I think lite anwser is yes, BUT with a "*"

    You create levels on your PC. You upload to makermall. Data of your level is ON your PC. So, no, it's impossible to edit levels created on pc with mobile version BUT

    If you have already uploaded one level in makermall, you able to play with on your mobile BUT not to edit.

    Same thing for mobile. You can create levels on your smartphone, BUT impossible to edit ON pc because data of the level ARE on smartphone !

    BUT you can play it on PC if you have uploaded the levels, just don't able to edit...

    Do you understand ?

    I hope my anwser will help you.
  • Yes, Rasta is right... if you want to COPY your levels to mobile, it's possible, but requires you to know how to browse your device (a lot easier on Android than on iOS, where you literally need an app like iPhone Explorer).  But you can copy a MyLevels/ folder on PC to the MyLevels/ folder on mobile, and it's all cross compatible.

    If you were just asking if you can browse and play makermall levels on mobile, yes, it does that too.  That's what the phone overlay is for, in Makermall, to help size levels so you can see how they'd look on a phone, and adjust things accordingly.
  • With Jailbreak it and download ifile on cydia(jailbreak). Without Jailbreak Download ZipApp Free at App store and download hoggy file and tap info go to "Open in" and use hoggy 2 app in airdrop i hope my answer help you
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    In time, I might add some recovery stuff that lets you pull down your levels from Makermall so that you can resume editing them (and so you don't have to store them on your device), but that'll be updates further along.  As I've pointed out elsewhere, there's a lot of hooded figures with scythes lurking on this forum whose eyes get a little bit redder with every moment I spend on Hoggy 2.
  • Lulz, looking forward to any mobile release of you *-*
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    I have a question about Hoggy 2. Why this game is so funny and so addictive ? :p
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