It's really too bad RWK is pretty much defunct. It really was the best, smartest game in the App Store in my opinion. Don't care much for hoggy but if the sequel ever hits the App Store I'll try it out. Really love RWK but it's just getting harder and harder to use the app.


  • Thanks Kyleseglin,
    I think you speak for all of us when you say RWK is pretty much dead. It was one of the best games I ever played (at least since WizBall all those years ago).
    I am looking forward to the RWK sequel when it comes out.
    John, if you need a beta tester for the new RWK sequel, please let me know. I'll be there with my money the day it's released.
    Awesome game. Brilliant conversion. Loved it!
    I'll miss Fomb, Kyleseglin, KearyRiley, CheckThePan, CoffeeBear and so many other wonderful people who made RWK legendary.
    Hope to see you all on the other side.
  • Hola... I do intent to let RwK just die off (Apple has changed their libraries and processes so much that I can no longer compile it without a great deal of work), but out of curiousity: What is becoming hard to use?  Is it just OS changes that Apple has made that mess it up?  Or is it a very out of date interface?
  • It just takes 30-60 seconds to load everything when you go to kitty connect, it is nearly impossible to sign in without the app crashing which makes it impossible to create a level and it's just super sluggish overall.

    It's a shame because it's such a smart, well made, unique game.
  • I'll miss it too, of course.  And thanks for the mention Kyleseglin.  I'll miss you and all of those level makers too.  But maybe we can find some form of reincarnation in the Haphazard update.

    About that too, @Raptisoft, is there any chance that there might be some communication between RWK and Haphazard that would allow RWK levels to be uploaded into the Haphazard level maker?  I know that might be a beast to arrange, but if it could be done it would be an more-or-less instantaneous collection of hundreds of levels available for a brand new game.

    Maybe there could be a way for us to upload them from RWK into our Haphazard account, then we could tinker with them to adjust for the differences between the two games.  Just a hopeful thought. 
  • Darn... this sounds like changes to the OS that is hurting some of the old code.  Which means I'd have to recompile in order to fix the problems.  Well-- maybe I'll do that after Hoggy is out of the way.  But I have a lot of people clamoring for Solomon, and I want to make a better version of RwK anyway, so it'll be a tough decision whether to work on old stuff or move forward.

    I could probably make a RwK/HapHazard importer... I'll put it in my notes so that I will remember it.  Though it'll probably require some finesse from the owner of the iPhone to get the actual levels.  The only issue I see is that Hap will have a lot of different powerups-- and I almost surely will drop at least one (the helmet) from the lineup in favor of something better.  But I'll look into it, now that you've made me aware that it's desired.
  • I think that sounds great.  And yeah, if each of us imports our own levels and tinkers with them for the new format and new powerups, we should have a bunch of great levels that will be fresh even to those familiar with them.

  • Would any of you guys mind doing that on PC as opposed to mobile?  Because developing the tools to pull your levels down from the database and give you access to them... waaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier for me on PC.
  • That would work great for me.  I'm totally on board for whatever is easiest.
  • Okay.  It's in my notes.  It MIGHT be a seperate utility, though... that would just take your username/password, let you pick your RwK files and download/convert them for Hap.  But now, unless I am mistaken, I must finish mobile Hoggy really fast and get back onto Solomon's Keep or the Solomon fans are going to break out the torches and pitchforks.
  • You heard me sharpening mine? >:)
  • I've always maintained my amazement at how all of you are able to create these awesome/intricate levels on your mobile phones. I just can't do it but will definitely make a concerted effort to try it using a PC!
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