Hoggy 2 Steam Coming Soon

Hi all,

Hoggy 2's status has been moved to "coming soon" on Steam:

While I will not tempt the universe by giving the specific date, I will say that the release date is set for less than a week, and I am only waiting for Steam to review and approve of the build to make it live.


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    Cool ! Trailer won't play.
  • Can't wait for the android release *-*
  • For iOS and Android, the only work left is to tweak the resolution for phones (it's already fine for tablets).  So it hopefully won't be too long on that.  But again, no dates, never a date.

    Then after that's done, I'll see what I can do to satisfy the needs of all you Solomonians!

    Rasta, do you mean the trailer on Steam?  It plays okay for me... might just be a propagation glitch.  I don't have much control over there expect to upload things and pray they work.
  • Autoplayed well on mobile data too xD how I hate things like that ^^
  • It's ok now Trailer play now. This issue is close :D
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