Update IOS Games Will Be Free to Paid?

I through Its was paid but your updating ios games ex: Hoggy Will Be Update Changes Expires Free Version to Paid Verison 
I Saw Hoggy 2 is NOT Free on Hoggy 2 Website Thanks.


  • Well, you have two choices in game dev these days... make the game paid, and eke out a living, or make the game free, with uber-crippling pay-to-play stuff (You levelled up!  In ten minutes you can pick your skill, or use a gem to pick it right now!), and I HOPE I never have to go the pay-to-play route.

    So I'll start with premium.  If my games over go free though, you can expect them to be filled with ads at a minimum.  The industry has really changed, and sadly, people don't want to pay for games any more.  If that happens I will always offer the whole "pay for it, and all these ads/F2P things turn off" though. 

    I've played too many F2P games there were really good, but I stopped playing them because of the F2P or Ads, even though I would have gladly put down $5 or $10 to turn all that garbage off.
  • I'd love to throw in ten bucks for Solomon's and I know it will definitely be worth it, even more than Super Mario Run, the last game I spent that amount on. I rushed through all 6 worlds and I'm not really planning to replay those levels to collect all coins, on the other side I know I'll play Solomon's Keep at least a hundred times because it's so addictive! :)
  • Well.. I don't know why people don't want pay games anymore, but it's frustrating ! Me, I love complete games, without in-app purchases (except a pack of more level, like lost levels in Hoggy, or an option to give a buck to the dev...) ! People play with F2P games for.. 5-10 mins, erase the game of phone, and that's it ! Me, i want pay for a quality game ! And I play with my games a lot of time ! I hate this stupide mode of freminium games ! With a lot of ads, videos, in-app purchases !!! Just look Pac-man on IOS ! Or Doodle jump ! In 2009, Pac-man cost 8$, and the game was pac-man, that's it ! NOW, you have a lot of in-ap purchases in pac-man, AND YOU PAY for the game ! :( Same thing for Doodle jump ! Or Monster dash ! Now, the game we have PAID is updated in freminium model, and people have paid in the past are betrayed !!!
  • So... For this reason, i am full ready to pay Hoggy 10$ easy on IOS ! And the game worth more !!! But people want all for free... I don't know how much John will sell the game on apple store, maybe 4-5 or 6 $ ? And people will have difficulty for pay this small amount ...
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    Just FYI, I set up my games so that if they're initially paid, but I go to freemium or ad-driven, the people who originally paid retain their "paid" status.
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