SKHD Beta or Not?

I first played SK I like it But I'm so excited for HD i was thinking your not giving download beta because they needs complete or demo? 


  • Yes, it's not complete yet.  When it is playable I will beta it, but I might beta it through Steam.
  • ooooo i'd to love to sign up for the beta
  • edited April 2017
    This forum is the place to watch!  Though there will likely be announcements on Steam too, so putting notification on the Solomon's Keep page there is a way to go too.

    That said, beta or release is NOT imminent.  I still have to get Hoggy2 mobile out, and then I will resume where I left off with Keep (but I still had a ways to go, it's not a much LONGER game than the iOS version, but it is MUCH more randomized, with lots of little side adventures and a metagame-- the replay value is going up hugely).
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