Freezing issue

Hi is anyone else getting a freeze at wave 33 to 47?
the music keeps playing but the game ceases and i am forced to end the game by by task manager.
i am running on windows 10 pro.

i know the game not supported but i am reaching out to the community maybe we can pool some
knowledge together and see if anyone else is getting this same issue and maybe figure out a
possible fix for this.

on a side note if this is what the state was for solomon dark holy crap the new versions going
to be fantastic. i only started playing it yesterday and i think i blew 9 hours just sitting there playing.


  • solomon dark is cancelled they Remake called Solomon Keep HD 
  • i know, thats what "the new version" i was refering to, but in the meantime solomon dark is a good way to pass some time for me.
  • BTW, my intention AT THIS TIME (it could change) is to release the code after SKHD is done, so an army of hackers might be able to tweak out any glitches.

    It got almost no testing on Win10, so the first thing I'd do is try some compatibility modes.

    Glad you liked it!  It was going very well when Patent Guy struck.

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    oh i played solomon keep and boneyard on my ipods for a long time so being able to play dark on the pc was awesome
    the only thing from dark that was lacking was the ability to use the touch screen aspect in the 0.7.2 version
    i use windows 10 on a tablet (as well as on the pc).

    i'm really lookin forward to Keep HD.

    after much file browsing i figured out how to make my own items and even custom set items too. i'm hoping this is something that remains in Keep HD. it would be awesome for dedicated server admins so they can make their own server themed items and set items in multiplayer. if possible a touch screen compatibility for windows10 tablet/surface users would be awesome.

    if you ever also consider releasing the source code for dark would you also happen to have any notes or listings on what all the effects are for making custom items i figured out alot of them but note would go a long way.
  • I love modders, so I'm trying to make Keep HD very moddable.  Dark actually had a whole scripting/level sharing system in it like Robot Wants Kitty, but that was turning out to be a very onerous task, so KeepHD is doing it a different way.
  • does solomon dark run on direct x?
    i only ask because i am  trying to  use an on screen virtual controller on my surface tablet to move and shoot with but have had no luck yet. i really don't wanna have to resort to a hand held gamepad but then it takes away from its portability and just plain feels different than the traditional way of playing.
  • Is there still a way to get dark for pc? I would be very interested in playing it. Spent hundreds of hours on boneyard.
  • Dark for PC is hosted by some users at some places... I believe they have links elsewhere in this forum.

    Dark uses DirectX yes... but the controls are keyboard to move, mouse to fire.  I hadn't yet gotten to the point of putting in on-screen controllers.  I don't know if a virtual keyboard can handle arrows to move, mouse to aim/fire!

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    NOTE: you must be in windowed mode to see the gamepad/buttons in the overlay. for some reason they will not tap into directx because they say hooking into it breaks some terms of service rules set in place for directx and they can get sued for it or something like that.

    oh i did figure out a way to play it on my surface tablet and it worked pretty well
    i'm using 2 virtual overlay gamepads
    one gamepad called VirtualGamepad solely used for the slot 1 thru 8 buttons
    the other called Tablet Pro ver 2048 (or v2.0.4.8) for the two sticks. you also have to have installed vjoy (it's a driver for making a windows think there's a usb gamepad attached)
    and lastly you'll need a program called JotToKey (i'm using Ver5.9) with J2K you can assign the axis of the mouse to the right stick and use the left stick to move.

    if i could find a better gamepad program i really would, the movement is okay but the shooting is a little sticky and takes some fiddling to get the right settings for shooting, i am literally telling the mouse cursor to be at the center of the screen and when i move the right stick the left mouse button gets pressed and the cursor moves in the desired direction for aiming. try to visualize a box and at the center is the mouse cursor and from the center to any side you can move the cursor 20 units to reach that side and then it fires. i have to tweak it for my screen to the right amount of units.

    also note that if you walk your wizard too far to any of the sides where he leaves the center you cannot fire properly in one of the 4 directions til you walk him/her back to the center again. it's a neat workaround and one i learned through trial and error.

    Joy2Key -
    VirtualGamepad -
    VirtualGamepads main site got a broken link so you cannot get the demo they offer there so i posted the a link from another site it's a 876k installer surprisingly for everything it can do it's pretty small.
    vJoy -
    Tablet Pro v2048 -
    Tablet Pro and VirtualGamepad are both demos but the features that are included have no timers on them so you don't have to worry about not being able to use it after 14 or 30 days.
    to be honest you don't really need VirtualGamePad i just used the buttons because i didn't wanna have to letgo of one side of the tablet to reach a slot button.

    here's how my lay out looks like. note i have notepad in the background so you can see everything since i set it up really transparent. as i said the 2 sticks are from Tablet Pro. the B1-B8, ESC and center cog wheel (config setup button) are from VirtualGamepad, everything can be placed where you want so you can have the right stick on the left anf the left on the right if you play that way and the buttons scattered everywhere.
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    So apparently the two gamepad programs do not like each other you can just ditch virtualgamepad and just use the 2 sticks from tablet pro the right stick will no longer glitch. tablet pro does have 4 moveable buttons you can bind to the keyboards 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys and at least use 4 of the 8 slots. if you think of the xbox 360 controller it does have an RB, LB, RT, and LT buttons as well but those aren't so accommodating as the ABXY buttons.

    Edit: something i just realized i did not mention is that you need some type of mouse (wireless/wired usb mouse or  bluetooth mouse/keyboard trackpad combo deal) to move all the tablet pro sticks, d-pad, and buttons around

    sorry if this is seen as a double posting but the edit button vanishes after 60mins
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