Hap Hazard update

My version of hap hazard is 1.0 and I heard there was a 2.0. How can I update the game to 2.0?


  • Hm, no, there never was a 2.0... in some cases, if I put up a new build for whatever reason (in the case of Hap Hazard, if your copy is working correctly, you don't need an update), I will at times increase the version number just so I can keep track.

    BTW, as one of a VERY TINY MINORITY OF PEOPLE who have ever bought Hap Hazard?  How do you like the game?  How do you feel about a sequel to it being designed in the same "Universe" but designed as a Metroidvania?
  • Well yes there was a 2.0. Read the version of the game in this video. But Im not the person that made the video.

    And yes I would want a sequal. The game is pretty cool. I don't regret buying it :)
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    Do you still have your BMT Micro receipt?  It SHOULD allow you to re-download whatever the latest one is.  Or we can re-issue.  Can you send your request in here?  http://www.raptisoft.com/index.php?page=contact

    You should ask for a re-download (if BMT Micro doesn't let you do it automatically).

    But I know this: There's not any new content in there-- there was a bug-fix for a customer who had trouble with fullscreen on a laptop (looking at my old notes here), so if you're not having that problem, you don't actually need the upgrade (and yes, it should have been like version 1.01 or something, but evidently I went for the full version number-up).
  • I actually bought the game from Amazon. Could they still help me anyways?
  • Oh-- ha, no they won't help.  Write us on that contact page, and say that you bought it off Amazon, but want the Raptisoft copy.  If you still have your receipt, we'll honor it and get you a copy.
  • Why not should put your old games at steam, steam was app updates like App Store http://store.steampowered.com/app/3310/
  • Well I remembered emailing this site but I never got a response.
  • You never got a response?  I never had an e-mail forwarded to me.  The only answer I can give is that I have no idea why Hap Hazard's version number was bumped up... but there's nothing new or different than I can find.  Even my own code still says 1.0 so I am not even sure what's going on here.  Is it possible someone hacked it?
  • I don't think so. I even found a 2.0 free trial. We'll see. I'll email.
  • And here's another thing. The seconds in the game are faster than real seconds, l count like the real seconds and they're faster. Maybe that's why it's hard to beat the gold medal for the time in challenge runs. Is this a glitch or it was supposed to be like that?
  • They're supposed to be very slightly faster-- how much faster are they?  Real life five seconds should be six seconds in-game, roughly.
  • Yeah then the game would be super easy lol
  • Good news. I got 2.0 and I am doing okay with challenge runs. I've completed half.
  • Where did you get it from, if I may ask?  Was it BigFishGames or one of those other game resellers?
  • I emailed on raptisoft.com.
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