Screenshots for Hamsterball 2?

Well Hoggy 2 Was Been Release But So I'm Waiting for HB2 Screenshot or not. Have A Question 
1. Your Going Work SKHD not HB2
2.There Will Be Remaster  HB Soundtracks on Hamsterball 


  • I don't have any decent screenshots of HB2 yet, nothing I'd like to share.  It's mostly levels that test aspects of the engine at this point, and the editor. I could maybe send some shots of the editor, I'll see.

    I still have the Mac, Steam, iOS and Android versions of H2 to get out.

    After that, yes I will be working on SKHD, and I don't know exactly how long that will be, and of course, for reasons stated elsewhere on this site, I will never give a date for the universe to focus on.
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