Screenshots for Hamsterball 2?

Well Hoggy 2 Was Been Release But So I'm Waiting for HB2 Screenshot or not. Have A Question 
1. Your Going Work SKHD not HB2
2.There Will Be Remaster  HB Soundtracks on Hamsterball 


  • I don't have any decent screenshots of HB2 yet, nothing I'd like to share.  It's mostly levels that test aspects of the engine at this point, and the editor. I could maybe send some shots of the editor, I'll see.

    I still have the Mac, Steam, iOS and Android versions of H2 to get out.

    After that, yes I will be working on SKHD, and I don't know exactly how long that will be, and of course, for reasons stated elsewhere on this site, I will never give a date for the universe to focus on.
  • Hox
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    sad, i really want to see some pictures and new things from hamsterball 2. :(


    we need to wait.
  • Boss battle will be at hamsterball 2?
  • No boss battles planned, heh... HB2 is more of a race game.
  • More new enemies? And what about Easter egg hb1 just like Hoggy 2 Easter egg
    Will be at iOS and android
  • Yes, new enemies (obstacles), yes easter eggs, and yes for mobile.
  • Yes for mobile ? YEAH ! :D
  • Hb2 shader will be look like Hoggy style and shadows
  • Hi magnum ! How you know this detail ? O_o ;)
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    Will there still be a party mode for 4 player battles?Do you think that HB2 will be released in next 2 years?Thank you!
  • Yes, party mode (but supporting internet play, hopefully!  The test will be to see how much lag is an issue).  Yes, in next two years if life doesn't launch any disasters at me!
  • color/character selection?
  • The best way to get a very "slight" preview of character selection, etc, is to look at the Zhu Zhu Pets version of Hamsterball:

    That's sort of "Hamsterball 1.5" ...
  • Cutscenes?, Level Name List and new powerups
  • Are the levels, font of the letters, sound effects, and music are going to be the same? (Well not exactly the same as a copy, but are they going to be similar?) The PS3 version was NOTHING like the one on the PC.... 
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    Yes, I really like the font.  Sound effects will be similar.  Music will be remixed versions of existing, plus new stuff.  I don't plan to turn it into a sugary, shiny, hoggy-looking version of Hamsterball, if that's what you're worried about.  All games have their own character!

    But it does look very much like a 00's game designed for video cards that choke on too many polygons, so the sequel will be prettier.

  • Physics engine? Lederboards? Tornament Changes? Race Editor?
  • Hi there ! Actually, Raptisoft don’t have anything to show about Hamsterball 2. But stay tunned for more information :)
  • hey raptisoft

    what about adding Water, Lava and Weather System (for a race or level editor)?.

    idk, just a idea that i got...

    it will be cool if added on the game...
  • Don't add weather system, background only plz
  • Hey Raptisoft,

    I was wondering what the Editor will be like, via the physic, model selection, and camera movement.

    Also, try not to dig too deep into the speed bugs and glitches, as they are what make the game a little more fun to play around with.

    At your best, Mushy

  • Well, for one thing it'll have scripting, like Hoggy 2, so you'll be able to do a few wacky things.

    Physics/models/camera will be very similar to HB 1... I've had enough threats about a "first person camera" and suchlike that I will certainly never do it!

    Glitches always happen, I'd have to be 50 men to put something out with no glitches at all. :)
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