One last beta...

Hi all,

There's one last Hoggy Beta to be had... the reason is, I have migrated to a new, faster server, and I just want to make sure everything works.
The link is here:

Because it's a fresh new server, you will need to re-create your account, and re-upload any levels you have created.

Please go into your old Hoggy2 folder and copy the level called "Sandbox."  Paste that folder into the new Hoggy2 folder that you create (the test versions of Hoggy have been portable versions... in the release download, you will be able to choose either portable or standard).

As soon as I'm sure the server isn't buggy after the migrate, I will launch the game.  Thanks everyone for your participation, and I'll be offering a special coupon here on the forum for the first couple days, so watch for that (and join my mailing list if you want to get an e-mail right when it comes out).


  • My 6 yr old is incredibly excited about Hoggy 2 and he thanks you for this Beta version. He's a pro at the original Hoggy and has been anticipating this new game since he was age 3. Thank you! 
  • That's great!  I put in Kid Mode for kids, but if he's a pro at Hoggy 1, he should play the normal game!
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