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As of this time, it looks like Android Keep, Boneyard, and RwK WILL be happening within the next two months.  Updates for 64-bit iOS will happen around the same time.

In other news, Hoggy 2 would have been done by right now except last Friday I told someone it would be done "probably Wednesday" thereby invoking the Universal Realignment and my kids (and me!) got the croup and setting me back about five days.  So it's close, but I sure as heck am not going to give anyone a specific date.


  • RIP "next two months" 
    Trigger universal realignment
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    *dies inside of joy

    May the force be with you Lord Raptis
  • Wait, this is saying there will be an Android version of RWK?  Within the next two months?  Or work will begin on them in the next two months?
    Either way, I'm very excited about all that!
  • I have someone else porting them-- this time a guy I know is capable of finishing it-- and he tells me it should be done in the next month.  I tacked on the other month because I know programmers (being one).  I feel that I can give a rough date because it's not actually me doing the port. :)
  • This is fantastic news!

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    Great news! Despite being somewhat inferior to Solomon Dark by now, it'd still be nice being able to play Boneyard again, seeing as it's not really feasable to still use my iPod Touch 2nd generation nowadays :D I might also try out Keep some more, although I was never a fan of it.
    What about pricing? I suppose with the additional work required you won't just release it for free on Android, will you?
  • Pricing will probably be the exact same as iPhone-- free and buy gold.  But I am trying to steer away from Freemium for new games-- I hate freemium because it impacts gameplay, and if you want to actually make good money on it, you have to tweak the games so that you HAVE to buy to win, and I'm too much of a purist (at least right now!) for that.
  • Any news on Android? Mid April would have been so lovely xD
  • I'll check in today.  I think he's going a little slowly because of other commitments.
  • Can't wait get to get keep and boneyard. One of my favorite iOS games when I used to use apple. I'll definitely buy the games when they come out.
  • I can't wait the update of thoses games for 64 bits and new screen size
  • Oh, wow, I absolutely can't wait to play the Solomon games on Android. My iPod was stolen and I can't afford a new one, so I've been missing out.
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    Some nu nu nu news por favor :ar!
  • Rather disappointed for now...
  • My porter flaked.  I'm porting it myself as soon as H2 mobile is out the door.
  • I think xglsuperbounce triggered that
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