#saturdayscreenshot 1/30/2016 ... a playable screenshot

Sorry I missed last week... I hope this makes it up to you.  Something to play!

Here's the screenshot:

....and, download the demo here:

Just unzip it anywhere, and run Hoggy2.exe ... Windows only right now everyone, sorry.  Mac/Linux will be available for the final product.

Note that this only gives access to the level editor.  It won't let you share levels or anything... but it will let you create them, and play around with the trigger system, etc.  For Robot Wants Kitty lovers, this will be similar to the editor in the unofficial sequel there, so it's worth looking at.

If you encounter any bugs, just post them here and I'll see what I can do about it!  This is a pre-beta so it's likely you will find something, but the level files are versioned so that it's safe for you to create levels that you'll be able to upload when I make the level sharing live.



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    Oh, and... I'm deliberately not telling you how everything works because I want to gauge HOW MUCH tutorial stuff I need to put in based on the questions I get here.  It might even be simple enough to understand without any tutorials at all.

    The only thing you might need to know is that normal triggers have a "hot area" that have to be touched to get the effect, but blue triggers are hot for the whole playfield.

    If you have requests for script commands, etc, that you'd like to see put in, please put them here, BUT: Note that Hoggy is supposed to be a game where you can see the effects of all actions at a glance, thus there's certain scripts I won't expose, because they would make things mysterious to the player.  So for that kind of situation, like a desire to make an RPG, etc, save those requests for Hap Hazard II.
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    Thank You ;-)

    I will try this Right now !!! :-) :-)

    This news is best ever for me and make my day !
  • A friend tells me there are two things I should make clear:

    #1: You can drag and grab blocks off the top bar to place them
    #2: If you place a bumper or cage, put something on TOP of it to make them go into the bumper or cage when you play.
  • Windows 10, 64-bit.
    when I adjust screen resolution to 1920*1080 (my current windows resolution), the game just come out of screen, it was zoomed in.
    I set Custom zoom level to 125% in the settings already, does it matter?
    how to adjust it to the normal level? I cant click on the setting button in the game, its out of screen!

    sorry for my poor English :p
  • I deleted it and then re-unzip, does't work
  • Sweet. This is awesome.
    TL;DR this is brilliant and very usable. Thanks :)

    Everything is really straightforward, except how to relate a trigger to an event.
    This might just be because I haven't played Hoggy for a while, though the on/off switches elude my understanding.

    Otherwise, the only issue I have with is the size of the 'map', the scale of the space to create the level.
    I don't know if it would be technically possible, and while I agree that limitations often create innovation, larger levels would be nice.
    I like the shake mechanic for switching the orientation/type of block you are placing, though perhaps having a way to switch without shaking would be nice for those on trackpads/touch/frequent users? Specifically the Green Movable blocks, the ones with a vertical, horizontal and blank state. In the top bar/large select block menu, only one of the the three states is visible. Not necessarily an issue, just that it requires a bit more exploration to find the blocks you seek, perhaps.
    Again, i'm not sure if there is another way to switch, just that's the only way I figured out.

    The Fone feature is nice too!

    It's only crashed once but the file I was working on was unaffected.
  • Edit: Ok, you can have a larger level to edit, though you can't just glide via your cursor movement. I never thought to try the arrow keys :(
  • Hi Apple,

    In this case, to get back under control, find your AppData folder and search it for the folder roaming/hoggy2 and delete (or edit) settings.txt.  I'll look into why it's not liking that resolution (if you restart the program, does it size okay?)

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm taking notes on tweaks and changes.

    For triggers, just put one somewhere, then double click on the trigger.  This will give you a list of options.
    I'll see about adding a mouse-controlled way of "shaking" the blocks... currently it's designed for the lowest-common-denominator, that is, touch.


  • Brayton: when did it crash?  While editing?  Testing?  When placing an object?
  • For now, i don't have find any bugs. I'm continue to search, but now, i have created my first Hoggy level ;-)

    If you want check, please click here:

    @John: how place "open doors" ? When i place doors, the item show just close door... I know, with bumper, the door will be open, but if i want place a close door, how i do ?
  • Pretty cool rastapopoulon... doors always default to closed, but if you place a startup trigger, you can command it to open all doors right at level start.

    Just do this:

    Grab a trigger, shake it so it turns blue, and place it.
    Then double click on it, and select it to trigger on "level start"
    Then click add script command and select SET DOORS and pick open/closed/flipped and hilite the door area (you can trip more than one door with this)
  • This is fantastic. I love the graphics. The shaking thing is a little hard at first, but with practice i can now get it pretty consistently
  • XGL, are you using a touchpad?  From the feedback here, I will probably provide an easier way to swap, like via mousewheel, right click, or a keypress.
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    Im using a mouse, I bet it would be alot easier with a touchpad haha.
    It probably doesnt help that I have my mouse sensitivity set at like 1000000
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    I think another much needed feature is a like alt-click to delete or like a delete mode so that when you click you can delete things quickly. Dragging over to the trashcan gets pretty tedious

    EDIT: Oops.... There is a delete mode.
  • Haha

    Note also that there's a touch-compatible select marquee as well.  Simply hold the mouse down.
  • I was able to set up a door automatically switch on and off. I don't know if anyone found an easier way, but I did it by using 2 triggers that renewed and activated eachother with a sleep in between them and flipping the door. I think some pretty cool things could be made out of this mechanism
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