Graphics::Initialize D3DERR_INVALIDCALL

  • Computer manufacturer : HP
  • Operating System (Windows 98, Windows XP, etc.) : Windows 10
  • CPU type and speed in MHz: Intel(R) COre(TM)2 Duo CPU 2267 Mhz
  • Amount of RAM 2.93 GB
  • Sound card IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
  • Video card NVIDIA Geforce G105M
Now that the technical details are typed, I get the a window with the wordings in this title. The game just won't run. I run it in compatibility mode ( windows XP service pack 3) since I read that it supports up until XP.
Any solution? Please and thank you


  • Hi there,

    We have a few reports floating in on Windows 10, but I haven't been able to create a solution yet.  When the game crashes, does it provide you with a red crash window?  Also, does it drop a file called crash_info.txt into the Hamsterball game folder?  If so, please paste the contents of that file here.

  • what time zone do you live in rapti? ive seen you post at nearly every hour of the day lol... then again so have i so i guess i cant really talk >.>
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    Thanks for replying so Rapti-dly (I'm sorry)

    What happens is that there is not red crash window popping out. But there is a pop-up message telling me that I need to have DirectX 8.0 or better. Problem is mine is 10.1 (Edit:I tried and reinstall DirectX by install 9 and 10, still nothing)

    Concerning the crash_info.txt, I checked every file in the game folder and found nothing.

    I read up online that some games have a similar issue and that their fix is usually to change the resolution settings before launching the game. Maybe that can be a fix?

    Thanks for the support as always 
  • Dannyrooz: Hm... okay, I will look into this.  If you want to change resolution, they're stored in the registry (hey, it was 2004!), just look up the key Hamsterball and they will be pretty obvious.  That's a strange DirectX error-- most other people having a startup problem are getting an actual crash.

    I'll look into it further, but please let me know if changing the resolution works.  I'm surprised at the amount of problems-- usually Microsoft is excellent about backwards compatibility.  They must be taking a page from Apple's playbook.

    Tears: I'm EST, but I keep funny hours when I'm working really well, that's why sometimes you'll see me post at 2am or 3am.
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    Guess worked (Thanks for telling me to look at the registry.

    Basically I put 1360 for Screen Width and 768 for Screen Height.

    Played the game and it runs fine ( Only reached Dizzy Race cuz i'm bad)

    So yeah I guess this should be helpful

    Time to relive the nostalgia!
  • Thanks for the info!  That will help me a lot too!
  • When you replace the values in the registry, is the values you give out in Hexidecimal format or Decimal format? I've tried it both ways and it doesn't seem to work. Some people are saying that you need to set the compatibility mode to Windows XP Service Pack 2 in order for it to work, but no dice for me, with or without. I'm running Windows 10 as well, and using an ArcadeTown code of the game. It actually produced a red error pop-up before I fiddled around with the resolution settings and such. Something about a .dll file? Idk...
  • I've got mine fixed now! Apparently on my copy it was something to do with it being in Full Screen mode (quite odd, yeah?). I disabled it through RegEdit (replace 01 with 00) and it works fine! Woohoo!
  • Hello Everyone!

    Im having the same error/problem, im trying to fix it by doing what was said in the options above. im just wondering on how am i able to change the resolution using registry. i have been searching trough it (Registry) but i couldnt find "Hamster Ball" neither "Rapisoft" Folder to do it?. 

    Thank you :)
  • oh i somehow found the registry key "Hamsterball" there are Default,Color Mode,Key Action 1&2,Key Down,Up,Left and Right,Music Volume,Safe Mode,Sound Volume and Texture Quality. I dont know what to data i should change 'cuz im afraid if i try to do something wrong it might worsen the situation.
  • Yes, I have been having the same exact problem, I can run Hamsterball easy on my Windows 10 Laptop. But once I moved it and ran Hamsterball this pop-up came up:    

         Graphics::Initialize                               DirectX Initialization Error

           D3ERR_INVALIDCALL                     Hamsterball was not able to initialize DirectX!
                                                                     Hamsterball requires DirectX8.0 or better to run.
                                                                      To download the latest DirectX, visit                                                                                                                                                        (Microsoft link)

    I know I have the latest DirectX and I re-downloaded it to make sure, Is there anything that will fix this? 

  • Hi Real Mushy, are you familiar with the registry editor?  If you change the Hamsterball fullscreen key to be windowed, it might solve your problem.
  • Hi, I'm having the same problem and can't find it in the registry. Can you help me find it? I searched for it but it came up with nothing. I am on the the arcadetown gold vertion of the game. Thanks

  • Hey raptisoft.. I  have a problem which is ummmm...
    my directx is correct. i tried the screen resolution. Why do my hamsterball g have 2 windows when i tried to play it?
    Hamsterball g
    Graphic initialize

    when i try to close them, this happen

    when close hamsterball g: D3DRR somethin and when i close the error. One window appear says. Download directx WHAT IS HAPPENING
    when close graphic:cant detect directx
  • I dont think you will see this. But my hamsterball cant do anything although i have all i need. Its says download direct 8.0 when i got 9.0 WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE??
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